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We offer EDI consulting services

Providing you with expert advice on all your EDI needs

Are you constantly being asked by your customers to implement EDI? There are many different pieces of the puzzle, and many different ways of putting them together. Being the worldwide leader in managed EDI solutions, Atadex EDI has developed multiple B2B solutions that simplify the process of making successful EDI transactions a reality for all businesses. Our solutions range from translation tools to communicate with your trading partners, to integrating every aspect of your EDI operation in to any manufacturing, or ERP system.

The challenges that many companies face when it comes to EDI are: the number of different standards that their trading partners require and dealing with the many different versions of the same standard of EDI. Our EDI implementation team has developed solutions for all standards including: ANSI X-12, UN-EDIFACT, ASC, VICS, TDCC, AIAG, UCS, NWDA, and all versions of XML. These solutions allow you to meet the needs of every trading partner that you do business with.

Our team of data integration experts can help you at every point along the way.  EDI does not have to be confusing or difficult when you have a partner that can handle it from beginning to end.  This simplifies the process and allows your people to focus on the mission critical activities that will help you grow your business.