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    • What is EDI?

      June 14, 2021

      Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standardizes the transmission of electronic data between business partners and is required by a growing number of companies. EDI automates and ensures accurate order entry and tracking when it comes to items like invoi …

    • Amazon Chargeback Rate Increase – Carton Content Accuracy

      August 15, 2019

      Amazon has announced an upcoming increase in chargeback fees for vendors in instances where the product quantities received don’t match the provided Advance Shipment Notification (ASN). Read more about this important Amazon Chargeback Rate Increase straight from Amazon.

    • Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks Off 5th New Drop Ship Update

      April 5, 2019

      Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks Off 5th have announced new changes to their drop ship compliance program including chargeback adjustments and changes to shipping requirements. Learn more about the Saks drop ship update details straight from Saks Fifth Avenue in this post.