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We are a technology services company focused exclusively on providing innovative solutions to Transportation Logistics companies.

Our team is made up of Logistics-Industry veterans and Career Technology Professionals; the combination of which sets us apart from our competitors.  Our innovative services simplify Logistics operations, reducing time and cost so your business can focus on growth.

The Atadex Story

Founded in 2012 by two veterans of the Transportation Logistics industry, Atadex was started with a single-goal: Simplify the operations of Transportation Logistics companies.

With that goal in mind, Mitch Bernet and Chuck Herzog launched EDI-as-a-Service, aimed at simplifying data exchange between Logistics companies and their trading partners.  By eliminating the complexities of EDI setup and costly operations, and shifting that service to a fully hosted and managed offering, Companies benefit from real-time information delivered in the most cost-effective way.

With the EDI-as-a-Service foundation in place at Atadex, the simplification of operations goal has driven the team to develop innovative and complimentary services, including:

HAULin’ Driver Performance Solutions

Overpass Transport Monitoring Service

With the continued business growth and expanding services portfolio, the philosophy of Atadex hasn’t changed… “deliver innovative solutions to simplify the operations of Transportation Logistics companies!”

Our Services

Our innovative services simplify Logistics operations, reducing time and cost so your business can focus on growth.

Take your business beyond conventional EDI, “Atadex EDI-as-a-Service eliminates the costly, complex, and time consuming conventional data-interchange, and delivers to you a fully hosted and managed data interchange service.


HAULin’ DPS is overhauling the trucking industry. It’s a driver-centric solution that benefits your company, drivers, and customers. HAULin’ is the most rewarding route to take.


Utilizing revolutionary Bluetooth Smart sensor beacons, OVERPASS collects critical identification, location, and status information for trucks and trailing equipment including trailers, containers and chassis.


Our Clients

“With Atadex, we are able to cost effectively connect all of our trading partners to our system and my people no longer spend half their day chasing down and manually entering the information they need before they can do their jobs.”
Bill P. – Operations Manager, Logistics Company

Trailer Bridge Logistics
Roar Logistics
Knichel Logistics
VCPB Transportation
Magellan Transport Logistics
Centran Logistics

Our Team

Atadex’s founders and senior management team have led strategy and innovation through top level companies.


Mitch Bernet

(o) 470.297.5022      (m)404.630.7188

Mitch Bernet Bio


Chuck Herzog

(o) 470.297.5022      (m)901.338.3529

Chuck Herzog Bio


John Johnson

(o) 470.297.5022      (m)404.386.9471

John Johnson Bio

Our Latest News & Events

Driverless Trucks in California
Next year, deckhands on ships docked at Middle Harbor on California’s San Pedro Bay won’t see many people on the wharf. Remote-controlled cranes towering 165 feet overhead will pluck containers from vessels’ holds, and driverless trucks guided by magnets embedded in the asphalt will carry cargo to robotic hoists in a sorting yard.
Driver Retention: the Unmentioned Wicked Problem
Let’s face it. Everyone knows that driver recruiting is a wicked problem. The transportation industry is in the midst of the worst driver shortage it’s ever driver recruiting seen. We’ve all been to seminars on it, and everyone’s looking at new ways to help bring in new drivers. But what about the drivers you already have? If you can retain more drivers, then the only recruiting needs you have are the ones that help you grow your business.

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